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Shop furniture

Altrarredo is a company based in Emilia Romagna that boasts a long experience in the design, development and manufacture of Shop furniture. For over thirty years, the company based in Sissa, near Parma, has been working in Shop furniture. Over the years, the company has managed to improve the quality of its work, automating many of its manufacturing processes and using cutting-edge technology. In this way, Altrarredo has managed to reduce the manufacturing cost of each piece, a typical example of such technological innovation being the manufacture of its staved panels, as they are manufactured by a fully automated line.

The company's has basically three strengths. The first one is certainly the quality of its products: since its birth, Altrarredo has been committed to take care of each single detail in the development of Shop furniture; every processing step is carefully inspected. Secondly, emphasis is placed on retail price: the price is always competitive and reasonable as the special technology reduces the manufacturing costs and the products are sold from the manufacturer to the user, with no sales agents. Last but not least, creativity, which means that the products can be widely customised by customers and offer a wide range of applications and combinations.

Another key feature of Altrarredo's Shop furniture is the care the company has taken of streamlining the assembly lines of its products. All the items supplied by the company are easy to assemble even for people who are most inexperienced in the assembly of shelves and panels as they are not familiar with such jobs.
For the Italian market, the company however provides a design and installation service, which may be requested when buying a product or in the after-sales period.